Member of the Troop Committee Position: Chartered Partner Representative

General Information

Type: Appointed by the President of the Sponsoring organization
Term: To be determined my the Board of Directors of the Sponsor
Reports to: The Sponsors Board of Directors and President
Attendance: Required to attend monthly Committee meetings.


  • The Coordinator is a voting member of the Committee.
  • Be a liaison between the Board of Directors of the Sponsoring Organization (The Pleasant Valley Fire Fighters Association) and the Troop Committee.
  • Make sure the troop has a location to meet.
  • Make sure that the interests of the Sponsor are being achieved.
  • Work with the Committee to achieve common goals.
  • Help the troop where ever possible to maintain the goals of Scouting.
  • Offer constructive comments and play an active role at Committee meetings.
  • Work with fellow Committee members and with the Program people for the good of the troop.
  • See also the handbook for the Chartered Organization Representative